Market Shelf Systems

Warehouse Shelving Systems

Store Shelf Systems

Cash Register Tables

Our values

As HASRAF, we are always guiding and determining our values;


We regard mutual justice as a condition of corporate success in our communication with each other and our business partners ....

Quality Orientation

We are aware of the importance of compliance with customer expectations and safety in our products.


Achieving and sustaining public trust is one of our core values. We sincerely welcome to be faithful in every respect, not deviating from righteousness, strictly adhering to its principles and words. We give clear, understandable and accurate information to everyone, we act in accordance with the given information. We do what we have to say, we won\'t tell you if we can\'t.


With our environment-friendly production policy, we contribute to the economy of the region and the country by keeping the technology at the highest level in all departments and by providing environmentally friendly production by providing the necessary training to our employees.

Team Spirit

We unite around the same goal and work towards this goal. We share information and communicate with each other sincerely and openly. We coordinate and cooperate between functions, working groups, teams. We value the differences between individuals. We recognize and reward individual and team achievements. We increase group performance by sharing success and failures.

New Generation Production Technologies

HASRAF is one of the leading and pioneer companies in the sector in the Market, Store and Warehouse Shelf Systems with its 20.000m2 area, which has a dry metal and wood processing capacity and expert staff.

Laser Cutting

New Generation Production Technologies

Automatic Bending

Preparation before production

Electrostatic Powder Coating

Powder coating systems with oven ...

The best shelves that money can buy

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