About Us

About Us


HASRAF Metal Industry and Trade. Ltd. Sti. In 1992, we took our place in the sector with bolted steel rack production. Our company has taken firm steps towards realizing its goals without sacrificing quality and reliability and has grown by adding steel shelf as well as warehouse, market and store shelf systems.

HASRAF, which has 17000 m2 closed production area in Gaziantep Küsget Örnek Industrial Site, is producing according to TS EN ISO 15512 standards. Our company, which provides service to proven institutions and organizations, aims to contribute to the national economy by exporting 60% of its production to abroad. Today, our company exports products to 29 countries and takes important steps in developing the sector.

Our company gives the necessary importance to R & D studies in shelf systems. The works carried out by our R & D engineers in our factory in Gaziantep are being introduced to the market as new products.

As HASRAF Metal Sanayi, it is our primary goal to deliver all the works that we take responsibility from the project stage to the end of the product delivery process in the shortest time and in the most reliable way.

"The best shelves that money can buy..."

The best shelves that money can buy

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