Human Resources

Human Resources

HASRAF; recognized international platform for contemporary applications and human resources seeing as the biggest asset is surely grow. In this respect, all employees by providing the necessary professional and business development by providing safety training based on trust and respect offers a business environment.

HASRAF high potential, with the necessary professional knowledge, moral and ethical principles adopted environmentally and socially responsible, according to the principle of equality of opportunity for individuals who are offered employment.

HASRAF the reach of both team mates to create synergies between the values ​​adopted; Freedom, Responsibility, Sharing, Respect, Solidarity, Truth, Progress ...

Along with these HASRAF, rapid adaptation to changing conditions brought about by the business world, work-focused team spirit HASRAF adopted, with human resources in an intense pace has been working towards becoming a global brand. In line with these objectives, along with willing and committed employees aims to peak.

I can access from HASRAF Human Resources. You can send your CV to this address.

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